About Registration Deposit (formerly EZ Deposit)

Registration Deposit (formerly known as EZ Deposit) is a convenient way to make a deposit to your CrimsonCard or other current campus ID before the start of a semester so you can have funds readily available to purchase textbooks, course materials, and other needed items.

Campus cards, including CampusAccess, Jagtag, UCard, and others, are being replaced by CrimsonCard, the new official photo ID card for all IU campuses.

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Opting into Registration Deposit

When you are registering for classes, you can select the Registration Deposit option in the "Optional Services" section.

About Registration Deposit funds

  • Registration Deposit amount: You can deposit $250, $500, or select both options for a total of $750.
  • Registration Deposit fund availability: The deposit becomes available on your CrimsonCard or other current campus ID approximately two weeks before the start of the semester.
  • Where to use Registration Deposit funds: You can use your Registration Deposit funds anywhere CrimsonCard or other current campus ID is accepted as payment.
  • Unused Registration Deposit funds: Registration Deposit funds rollover semester to semester, year to year.

Paying the Registration Deposit bill

The Registration Deposit amount is billed to your bursar account and can be paid with financial aid (requires signing the Title IV form), scholarships, grants, 529 funds, or any form of payment accepted by the Bursar Office.

Registration Deposit requirements

Requirements for using Registration Deposit are:

  • You need to be registered, or in the process of registering, for classes for the upcoming semester.
  • If you are using financial aid to pay for the Registration Deposit amount, you need to sign a Title IV form.

Removing the Registration Deposit option

If you opt into the Registration Deposit option but later decide it isn't needed, you can request removal of the Registration Deposit amount from your Bursar account and CrimsonCard by completing the Request a Refund of Your CrimsonCard Deposit form (CAS authentication required).

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