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Pressbooks is a tool that enables faculty and students to create and publish text in multiple formats, available to Indiana University through the Unizin consortium.

Use cases

  • Compose and publish eTexts for IU classes in collaboration with IU Press
  • Deliver no-fee eTexts for IU classes (such as open educational resources, or OER)
  • Build and compile collections of student reports throughout a course
  • Publish student work
  • Host student ePortfolios


  • Enhance texts with video, interactive activities, links, and more
  • Enable interactivity not possible with a print textbook
  • Deliver low or no-fee content
  • Allow texts to be downloaded for reading from a computer, mobile device, eReader (such as Kindle), or in print
  • Host texts in Canvas, on the web, or anywhere you make the exported files available
  • Work with collaborators such as editors, co-authors, and publishers to build content

Existing Pressbooks texts

Log in and create your first text

If you are logging into Pressbooks for the first time:

  1. Visit pressbooks.iu.edu, select Log in, and log in with your IU username and passphrase.
  2. Select Create a New Book.

    If you're already a member of at least one Pressbooks text, you may not see the Create a New Book option. In this case:

    1. Select My Books.
    2. From the toolbar at the top of the page, select My Catalog, and then Create a New Book.
  3. Enter the Webbook Address and Book Title for your text. Note that while you can change the Book Title later, the Webbook Address cannot be changed.
  4. Choose whether you'd like your text to be visible to the public. You can adjust your text's privacy settings later, if needed.
  5. Select Create Book.

Your new text will be created, and you will be directed to your dashboard. You can access your book by logging into pressbooks.iu.edu or directly at its Webbook Address:


Once you've created your text, for help sharing for reading or collaborative authoring, see Publish and share texts in Pressbooks at IU.

Get help

To learn more about using Pressbooks in your course, email the Unizin team.

For more about Pressbooks, see:

If you have trouble accessing your Pressbooks eText via Canvas, contact your campus Support Center.

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