Manage departmental meetings in Zoom

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Group accounts

Zoom cloud recordings are delivered to Kaltura. Ownership of these recordings is determined by the "Kaltura User ID" field at Group accounts can own recordings in Kaltura, or the group account can be set to deliver to any valid IU username.

To change which Kaltura account recordings will deliver to, log into, click My Profile, and change the username in "Kaltura User ID".

For help setting up a group account, see About IU computing accounts for groups or departments.

Manage recordings

Local Zoom recordings save to the recording device only, so you may wish to back up recordings to an account that multiple authorized individuals can access. For options at IU, see Options for storing files at IU.

If the meeting host has left the department

It is possible to transfer recurring meetings that have already been created to another individual within the department; however, this depends on the IU status of the original host. Contact Classroom Technology Services at 317-274-8400 for further assistance.

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