About Web Services Support


The mission of Tier 2 Web Services Support (WSS) is to aid web developers, administrators, and IT Professional staff with problems surrounding the Sitehost, Duo, IU Login and Shibboleth, and SharePoint Online environments. Tier 2 WSS is also heavily involved with account administration and troubleshooting for Sitehost, as well as the MySQL database service associated with Sitehost.

Account management

  • Create your Sitehost account: Only group accounts (which must be owned or requested by full-time faculty and staff) may create Sitehost accounts. For more, see About Sitehost accounts.

  • Manage your Sitehost account: You can manage your Sitehost account through the Enterprise Web Technical Services site. Here you can request the MySQL service for your account or request a virtual host, manage who has access to the account, and disable/delete the account.

  • Request a virtual host: You may request a virtual host to change Sitehost's normal URL layout to a URL of your choice, usually something.iu.edu. You can request a virtual host through the Enterprise Web Technical Services site.

  • Disable or delete your Sitehost account: If you no longer need your Sitehost account, you may request removal using the Enterprise Web Technical Services site. This option is under the Manage Sitehost Account section. There you can temporarily disable or permanently delete your Sitehost account.

  • Test your site: You can use the sitehost-test server to develop and test your site before pushing it to the production Sitehost server.

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