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Web Services Support, formerly IU Webmaster, is a part of UITS Support Center Tier 2. Web Services Support's mission is to aid web developers, administrators, and IT Professional staff with problems surrounding the Webserve, Duo, IU Login and Shibboleth, and SharePoint Online environments. Web Services Support is also heavily involved with account administration and troubleshooting for Webserve as well as the associated MySQL for Webserve service.

Information for Webserve users

Websites on Webserve that use PHP were disabled on December 23, 2019. Users visiting IU websites still on Webserve using PHP will encounter an error page. All sites still on Webserve, regardless of content, will be disabled on March 20, 2020.

Account management

  • Creating your Webserve account: Webserve accounts are only able to be created by group accounts, which must be owned or requested by full-time faculty and staff. For more, see About Webserve and IU Sitehosting accounts.

  • Managing your Webserve account: Once your Webserve account has been requested, you may go back to the Enterprise Web Technical Services form and request additional accounts be created. Webserve accounts may be supplemented with MySQL for Webserve. Streaming media accounts were also offered, although these are legacy accounts; you should use Kaltura for any streaming media requirements you may have.

  • Requesting a virtual host: You may request a virtual host to change Webserve's normal URL layout (http://www.campus.edu/~accountname) to a URL of your choice, usually something.iu.edu. To request a Webserve virtual host, use the Virtual Host Name Request form.

  • Deleting your Webserve or other account: If you no longer need your Webserve account, you may request removal using the Enterprise Web Technical Services request page. There are a couple of caveats that you should know before requesting removal of your Webserve account:

    • Request removal of any connected MySQL and streaming accounts, as well as any virtual hosts first. Those requests must be processed before you request removal of the Webserve account.
    • Removal of Streaming and MySQL accounts is permanent, and the data is unrecoverable. Be sure to back up your files before requesting removal.
To request removal of a MySQL for Webserve account, email Support Center Tier 2 to request removal. Only the account owner can request removal of an account and must also provide the account name they wish to remove.

Annual user agreement renewal

All users are expected to renew their Webserve agreements on an annual basis. Failure to do so will result in the Webserve account being locked, preventing editing. Failure to renew after the lock date will result in users' accounts being disabled and not accessible to the internet until they complete renewal.

Users will receive email notifications reminding them of the renewal process that include instructions on how to renew. These notifications are sent a month in advance of the lock date. For more about renewing your Webserve account, see Renew Webserve terms of agreement.

Webserve maintenance and upgrades

  • Testing your website: The server administrators perform periodic maintenance and system upgrades. This maintenance may change the way Webserve systems work and affect your website. You have two options for testing your website. For large service changes, Webtech frequently updates the Webtest environment first so developers have an environment to test their websites.

    Additionally, users may use the iutestupgrade switch on their websites. For more, see Use iutestupgrade to test your Webserve site.

  • Setting PHP version: If your website is incompatible with the current default version of PHP on Webserve, you may specify which PHP version to use for your site; for instructions, see PHP server-side scripting language.

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