Install the Solstice app on your device

Solstice is a wireless display option available in some classrooms and conference rooms at Indiana University. For more, see About Solstice at IU.

Before you can use your device to connect to a Solstice display, you'll need to install the Solstice Client app. To do so, from your computer or mobile device:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to
  2. From the Download the Solstice app drop-down menu, select the version of Solstice that corresponds to your system:
    • Windows or macOS: When you select your operating system from the drop-down list, you'll be given the option to save the Solstice Client installer to your computer. Do so, and when the download is complete, run the installer.
    • Android or iOS: You'll be redirected to the free Solstice Client app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Download and install the app on your device.

Once you have installed the Solstice Client app, you'll be able to use your device to connect to a Solstice display.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support.

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