Share content to a Solstice display

Solstice is a wireless display option available in some classrooms and conference rooms at Indiana University. For more, see About Solstice at IU.

Before you can share content to a Solstice display, you'll need to install the Solstice Client app and connect your device to a Solstice display.

When you're connected to a room's display with the Solstice app, you will see several options for sharing:

  • Media File lets you display a photo or video stored on your device.
  • Desktop displays your entire computer desktop (Windows and Mac).
  • App Window displays a single window from your computer (Windows and Mac).
  • Camera lets you use your mobile device to take a photograph and display it.
  • Take Video lets you use your mobile device to record a video and display it.
  • Mirror Screen displays your mobile device's entire screen; for instructions, see Mirror your iOS device with Solstice.

To return to the "Sharing" screen at any time, select Share. On Windows and Mac computers, Share appears in the menu bar on the left. On Android and iOS devices, Share appears in the menu at the bottom.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support.

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