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Solstice is a wireless display option available in some classrooms and conference rooms at Indiana University. For more, see About Solstice at IU.

Before you can control the content posted to a room's Solstice display, you'll need to install the Solstice Client app and connect your device to a Solstice display.
Everyone who is connected to a Solstice display can control the content. Consider designating one student or meeting participant to control the display for everyone, rather than having multiple people try to control it at the same time.

To control the content posted to a room's Solstice display, use the Solstice Client app to navigate to the "Layout" screen, where you'll see a visual representation of the content posted on the room's Solstice display. Use this view to manage the content posted on the display.

On Windows and Mac computers, the Layout button appears in the menu bar on the left. On Android and iOS devices, the LAYOUT button appears on the bottom or the left, depending on your device's orientation (landscape or portrait).

Control options

Solstice display software supports touch-enabled displays. When you're using a touchscreen to interact with the Solstice display, a single tap is equivalent to a left-click with a mouse; a double tap is equivalent to a left double-click with a mouse; and tapping and holding is equal to a right-click with a mouse.

Adjust media placement

Use the "Media Placement" menu to change the appearance of posts on the Solstice display. To open the menu, use the button with three stacked dots at the bottom right of the Solstice Client app.

The "Media Placement" menu presents the following options:

  • Show all makes all media posts visible on the room's Solstice display.
  • Hide all moves all media posts to the "on deck" panel on the left side, and hides them from the on-screen area.
  • Align to Grid distributes all posts evenly across the room's display, when enabled. When this option is disabled, you can scale posts and move them around freely on the room's display.

Media actions

Specific actions are available for each media post. To access a list of available actions, click and hold on a post. When you release, the actions menu will appear at the top of the post:

Solstice action menu that shows actions available for each media post

The action menu includes the following options:

  • Fullscreen publishes the selected media post to a full-screen view on the Solstice display, and moves all other media posts to the "on deck" panel on the left side.
  • About provides information about the media file, including the user who posted it.
  • Stack lets you organize multiple media items into a single post on the Solstice display. You'll see a number at the top right corner of a stack to indicate the number of posts in that stack. Select the number to rotate through the stacked posts. To see the stack's action menu, click and hold the stack, then release it; you'll see options to switch to full screen, edit the stack, and unstack.
  • Delete permanently removes the media post from the room's Solstice display.

Resize a post

To resize a post, on a Windows or Mac computer, mouse over the post and use your mouse's scroll wheel to increase or decrease the size of the post. On a mobile device or touch screen, use two fingers to spread (increase) and pinch (decrease) the size of the post on the display.

Temporarily hide a post

To temporarily hide a post from view on the room's Solstice display, click and drag the post to the "on deck" panel on the left side. To make a post viewable on the room display, drag it from the "on deck" panel on the left back to the on-screen area on the right.

Manage an individual user's posts

Each user connected to a Solstice display is represented by an icon at the bottom of the display and in the Solstice Client app. Select a connected user's icon to show a list of available options:

  • Show posts makes all posts from the selected user visible on the main display.
  • Hide posts hides all posts from the selected user by moving them to the "on deck" panel on the left.
  • Stack posts groups all posts from the selected user together.
  • Delete posts removes all posts from the selected user.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support.

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