What packages are included in the basic XCBC and XNIT software suites?

Following is a list of packages available via either XNIT or one of the versions of XCBC.

Category Package name XNIT* Old XCBC** New XCBC**
XNIT compatibility Yes Yes
autodocksuite Yes Yes
hmmer Yes Yes
gromacs Yes Yes Yes
gromacs-common Yes Yes Yes
gromacs-libs Yes Yes Yes
gromacs-openmpi Yes Yes
gromacs-tutor Yes Yes
gromacs-devel Yes Yes
mrbayes Yes Yes
ncbi-blast Yes Yes Yes
BEDTools Yes Yes
SHRiMP Yes Yes Yes
bowtie Yes Yes Yes
bwa Yes Yes Yes
espresso-ab Yes Yes Yes
geos Yes
lammps Yes Yes Yes
lammps-common Yes Yes Yes
lammps-mpich Yes Yes
lammps-openmpi Yes Yes
meep Yes Yes Yes
nwchem Yes Yes Yes
nwchem-common Yes Yes Yes
nwchem-mpich Yes Yes
nwchem-openmpi Yes Yes
Rocks Bio Roll Yes
R Yes
R-core Yes
ncl Yes Yes Yes
ncl-common Yes Yes Yes
ncl-debuginfo Yes Yes Yes
ncl-devel Yes Yes Yes
ncl-examples Yes Yes Yes
octave Yes
rhino Yes
Lin. algebra/libraries/MPI implementations
openmpi Yes Yes
mpich Yes Yes
slepc Yes
scalapack Yes Yes
scalapack-common Yes Yes Yes
scalapack-mpich Yes Yes
scalapack-openmpi Yes Yes
saga Yes Yes Yes
samtools Yes Yes Yes
netcdf Yes Yes Yes
mpich2 Yes
mpi4py-common Yes
mpi4py-mpich2 Yes
mpi4py-openmpi Yes
libgtextutils Yes Yes Yes
lasi Yes
glpk Yes Yes Yes
fftw Yes
fftw2 Yes
PnetCDF Yes
arpack Yes Yes
atlas Yes
atlas-devel Yes
atlas-sse3 Yes
atlas-sse3-devel Yes
blacs Yes Yes
blas Yes
boost Yes
boost-date-time Yes
boost-filesystem Yes
boost-graph Yes
boost-iostreams Yes
boost-program-options Yes
boost-python Yes
boost-regex Yes
boost-serialization Yes
boost-signals Yes
boost-system Yes
boost-test Yes
boost-thread Yes
boost-wave Yes
charm++ Yes Yes Yes
elemental Yes Yes Yes
gsl Yes
petsc Yes Yes Yes
picard-tools Yes
qrupdate Yes
sparsehash-devel Yes Yes Yes
sprng Yes Yes Yes
sratoolkit Yes Yes Yes
sundials Yes
wxBase Yes
wxGTK Yes
wxGTK3 Yes
plplot Yes Yes Yes
plplot-libs Yes Yes Yes
plplot-devel Yes Yes
gdal Yes
gdal-devel Yes
gdal-java Yes
GotoBLAS2 Yes
hdf5 Yes
java-openjdk Yes
java-openjdk-devel Yes
libRmath Yes
libRmath-devel Yes
numpy Yes
ogdi Yes
suitesparse Yes
udunits2 Yes
gnuplot Yes
gnuplot-common Yes
GraphicsMagick Yes
GraphicsMagick-c++ Yes
abyss Yes Yes Yes
ant Yes
darshan Yes Yes
darshan-runtime-mpich Yes
darshan-runtime-openmpi Yes
darshan-util Yes Yes Yes
ghull Yes
valgrind Yes
nco Yes
Cluster management tools
Rocks cluster management software
Torque resource manager Yes
Maui scheduler Yes
Warewulf cluster management software
SLURM scheduler Yes
Ansible for cluster configuration management
lmod Yes
linux modules Yes

* The list of packages marked as available in XNIT reflects the current set of packages available for CentOS 7. There are many packages in the repository for CentOS 6; however, due to end of life concerns, they may not be actively updated.

** The packages for the old XCBC (Rocks-based version) are presented as a basis for comparison between it and the new XCBC (OpenHPC-based version).

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