Problems with JW Player

JW Player is a browser-based media player used to present some streamed content at Indiana University.

When using JW Player, you might encounter the following issues:

  • "Error loading playlist: No playable sources found"

    Your browser was unable to load Adobe Flash Player. To quickly work around this error, try loading the page in another browser. If that does not work, enable Flash in your browser (see Enable Adobe Flash Player in your browser).

    If your browser does not support Adobe Flash, use another browser.

  • "Error loading stream: ID not found on server"

    No content is currently streaming at this URL. This may mean the event has not yet begun, or has ended. Try refreshing the page, or contact the event organizer to inquire about the stream schedule and availability.

    This error may also be caused by an incorrect URL or hyperlink. Double-check the URL, and consider copying/pasting instead of clicking the URL. If you suspect you have an incorrect link, contact the event organizer.

  • Player displays a spinning graphic, but content never loads

    This may be caused by a malformed URL or hyperlink, particularly when the link is emailed multiple times. Check the URL for extraneous punctuation, and consider copying/pasting instead of clicking the URL from an email. If you suspect you have a malformed link, contact the event organizer or Conferencing Support.

  • Live stream suddenly stops or stutters

    Network issues, both at the event site and on your local network, can cause playback problems for live events. If you experience an interruption, wait a few moments and refresh your browser. If playback does not resume within a few minutes, check your network connection.

    If you believe there is a problem at the event site, contact the event organizer or Conferencing Support.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Classroom & Conferencing Support (, 812-856-2020, Skype for Business/Lync: cthelp).

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