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About your options

In Indiana University's Unified Messaging Service (UMS), your options for accessing your voice mail messages depend on your account type:

  • If you have an IU Exchange account, you can use your email client to hear your voice mail messages; see below.
  • If you don't have an IU Exchange account and are set up for voice mail with web access, you can access your messages online. You can also set up a rule to forward a copy of your voice mail messages to your email account. See below.
  • With any account type, you can use the UMS telephone user interface to access your voice mail, much as you would with a typical voice mail system; see below.

For more about UMS account types, see At IU, what is Unified Messaging Service (UMS)?

For help learning how to use UMS, view the UMS Voicemail Training Video, or print the UMS Wallet Card of common shortcuts.

If you have questions about your UMS account on an office phone, call 812-856-2287 (IUB) or 317-274-3004 (IUPUI). Campus housing residents at IUB and IUPUI should contact Campus Housing Telephone Services at 812-855-4455. (This call is free from any campus phone at either campus by dialing 5-4455.) To report trouble with UMS, call 812-855-2111 (IUB) or 317-274-3004 (IUPUI).

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Using your email client

With an IU Exchange account, you can access your voice mail using any email client, including those on mobile devices that work with Exchange. Checking voice mail on these devices is the same as checking it via Microsoft Outlook.

Voice mail messages will arrive as email messages, with the actual voice mail message as an attachment.

If the message is from a campus phone that is listed in the directory, the "From:" field will include the individual's name; from a non-campus phone, the "From:" field will have the text "UNIFIED MESSAGE SERVICE". In both cases, the subject line will read "Voice Mail: from (812) 555-5555: - 10 seconds", with the sender's phone number and length of message replaced with the correct values. In Outlook, though not Outlook Web App (OWA), the icon for the message will be a small telephone.

If you are using Outlook, double-click the message to open it. This will open Windows Media Player. If the message does not start to play automatically, use the media controls to play it.

In OWA, double-click the message to open it. The opened message will contain an attached .mp3 file. This is the voice message; double-click the .mp3 file to open your preferred media player and start playing the message.

OWA has the same functionality across major browsers in most cases. For help using OWA, with your Inbox displayed, click ? (the question mark) at the top right.

Other email clients may show the .mp3 file differently. To listen to the message, you will typically need to double-click the .mp3 file attachment in order for the message to play.

You can save, delete, or forward any of your voice mail messages, just as you would regular email messages. If you delete a voice mail message using the telephone interface (see below), that message will be deleted from your email inbox, and vice versa.

Using web access

To access your voice mail online:

  1. Go to: 
  2. Log in with your Network ID.
  3. You will see your messages in your Inbox. Click the link for any message to listen to it.

In the online interface, you can create a voice mail rule to forward a copy of each voice mail message to any email address. Note that the email message is independent of the message that remains on the voice mail system (i.e., if you delete a message while using the phone, the copy remains in your email inbox). You cannot listen to your calendar or text messages using this option, as you can with an IU Exchange account.

Using a telephone

Meridian business sets (M5112, M5312, or M5316)

If you have a Meridian business set or mini console with add-on modules, you may have a Message Waiting button. If the diamond beside the message waiting light is solid, pick up the handset and press the Message Waiting button to dial the voice mail system.

All other telephone models

To access your voice mail through the UMS telephone user interface:

  1. Dial the telephone number for UMS on your campus.

    To access Unified Messaging Service (UMS) through the telephone user interface, use the relevant number below:

    • For Indiana University Bloomington, dial 812-856-9800 (from on campus, 6-9800).
    • For IUPUI, dial 317-278-4288 (from on campus, 8-4288).
  2. If the system asks you for your mailbox number, enter your full 10-digit mailbox number (i.e., 812-85X-XXXX or 317-27X-XXXX), not just the last 5 digits.
  3. Enter your UMS passcode.
  4. At the main voice menu, press 1 to access your voice mail messages.
  5. Press 1 to listen to new voice mail messages, or press 2 to listen to saved messages.

You can save, delete, forward, or replay any of your messages; follow the instructions of the phone menu, or see ARCHIVED: UMS voice mail quick-reference guide.

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