About Office Mix (retired)

Office Mix, a free third-party add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint used to create and share interactive online videos, was retired on May 1, 2018. A new Recording tab in PowerPoint will take its place. If you would like to try the new Recording tab, follow these steps:

You will need administrator rights to install the new version of Microsoft Office Suite.
  1. Uninstall your current version of Microsoft Office Suite.
  2. Go to Office 365 Subscription on IUware.
  3. Click Get Office 365.
  4. Log in if prompted.
  5. Choose Work or school account.
  6. Choose Yes to stay signed in.
  7. To install:
    • 32-bit version: In the top right, click Install Office apps and choose Office 2016.
    • 64-bit version: In the top right, click Other Install Options. On the following screen, under "Version:", click Advanced and choose 64-bit. Click Install.
  8. Open the installation file and install Office.
  9. Once the installation completes, you may need to enable the Recording tab. For help, see Record presentations in PowerPoint 2016.

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