Access the Intelligent Infrastructure self-service portal

To access the self-service portal in Intelligent Infrastructure (II), use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to log into


The self-service portal uses IU Login for authentication. If you are already logged in using an account that does not have VM privileges, you'll need to open an incognito window or a different browser, and then log in using your account with VM privileges to manage your VM.

For a complete list of browser options, see vRealize Automation Support Matrix. Use the vRA 8 columns on page 5.

Upon logging in, you'll see the following tabs:

  • Consume: This lists all the catalog items that are available for you to request. This tab is where you will request new VMs and manage your current VMs.
  • Inbox: This lists items that need responses from you. It is currently unused in the IU environment.

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Last modified on 2023-05-16 16:13:20.