Log into vRealize Automation (vRA) in Intelligent Infrastructure

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Log in

To log into vRealize Automation (vRA) in Intelligent Infrastructure (II):

  1. Using Chrome, Firefox, IE 10/11, or Edge, log into https://uits.iu.edu/ii/ii_login/.
    vRA uses IU Login (formerly CAS) for authentication. If you are already logged in using an account that does not have VM privileges, you'll need to open an incognito window or a different browser and log in using your account with VM privileges to manage your VM.
  2. For a complete list of browser options, see the vRealize Automation Support Matrix. Use the vRA 7.2.x column on page 5.

Introduction to available tabs

  • Home: Dashboard view. Use the pencil icon at the upper right to customize this dashboard. There are multiple summaries of capacity utilization as well as status updates on requests from your group.
  • Catalog: This lists all the catalog items that are available. This tab is where you will request new VMs.
  • Items: This tab contains objects that you and your group own in vRA.
    • Deployments: Each VM creation is a deployment. Generally, you will not interact with this subtab directly.
    • Machines: Contains a list of created VMs for you to review and interact with
  • Requests: Monitor the status of your and your group's requests and view request details.
  • Inbox: Lists items that need responses from you; currently unused in our environment

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