Interact with a VM on the Infrastructure (II) self-service portal

  1. Log into the II self-service portal; see Access the Intelligent Infrastructure self-service portal.
  2. If prompted, select Service Broker.
  3. From the Consume tab, select Virtual Machines.
  4. In the list, find the name of the virtual machine (VM) you wish to interact with. Use the search field to narrow down the list to the specific VM.
  5. Select the vertical ellipsis icon ('More' or 'Options' menu icon) next to the VM name, and then select the action you wish to perform on the VM.

    Choose an available action for the VM

    The required fields for each action will differ. Change CPU-Memory is outlined in the example below.
  6. Follow the prompts to enter any required values.
    • In this example, we are changing the CPUs from 1 to 2 and memory from 1 GB to 4 GB.
    • Since this action lets you change the amount of pool resources, a line showing current and maximum usage for CPU, memory (in GB), and disk (in GB) displays on the form for reference.
    • This action requires powering off the VM, or else the values won't change successfully. Select Auto PowerOff to have the self-service portal power down the VM.

    Change CPU-Memory values

  7. Select Submit to immediately initiate the request. You will see the request working.

    Working VM request

  8. To see the status of the request, select Deployments.
    • If the task succeeded, the status bar will disappear.

      Status bar disappears when task successfully completes

    • If the request failed, you will see a failed message. In the following example, the VM was not powered down before attempting to change CPU/memory amounts.

      VM error message

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