Interact with a VM on vRealize Automation in Intelligent Infrastructure

  1. Log into vRA; see Log into vRealize Automation (vRA) in Intelligent Infrastructure.
  2. Click the Deployments tab.
  3. In the list, click the name of the VM deployment you wish to interact with.
    • Use the blue filter (Filter) to limit the types of items displayed in the list.
    • To remove all filters (for the search to index all items), at the top of the filters, click CLEAR ALL.
    • Use the search field to narrow down the list to the specific VM.


  4. In the resulting details page, click the VM resource you wish to modify:

    Deployment details

  5. Click the gear icon (Gear menu) for available actions.


  6. Select the action you wish to perform on the VM.
    The required fields for each action will differ; follow the prompts on the screen. Change CPU-Memory is outlined in the example below.
  7. Input any values the action requires.
    • In this example, we are changing the CPUs from 1 to 2 and memory from 2048 MB to 4096 MB.
    • Since this action allows changing the amount of pool resources, a line showing current and maximum usage for CPU, memory (in GB), and disk (in GB) is displayed on the form for reference.
    • This action requires that the virtual machine be powered off, or else it will fail to change the values successfully.
    • If a pool is over quota for some reason on any resource (for example, memory), requests to alter any resource (for example, CPU) will fail until you expand the available resources.
    • It is important to periodically Determine remaining resources in an II resource pool.
  8. Press Submit to immediately initiate the task.
  9. You may see the status of the request on the History tab.

    History tab

    • To refresh the view as the action takes place, click the refresh button (Refresh) on the right of this window.
    • Once the status changes back to "Successful", it is complete. If it failed, you can find details by clicking the request item in the history list.

      Requests history

    • In this example, the virtual machine was not powered down before attempting to change CPU/memory amounts:


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