Single-use and concurrent licensing for GIS and remote sensing software

Many GIS and remote sensing applications require either single-use or concurrent-use licensing for their software. Esri uses single-use licenses or concurrent-use licenses for ArcGIS products.

  • Single-use (node-locked) licensing: Single-use licenses permit software operation on only one computer at a time, and do not require a license service or license manager. An installation code activates the software.
  • Concurrent-use (floating) licensing: Concurrent-use licensing offers more flexibility than single-use licensing. A concurrent-use license allows you to install ArcGIS on as many computers as you want. The license manager, installed locally or on a Central License Service accessible to client computers via the network, serves as a librarian, and allows client computers to check out copies of software. For example, if a department purchased five licenses of software, that department can install the software on any number of computers, but can use only five licenses concurrently. This type of licensing is helpful for organizations with multiple users who do not use the software full time.

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