Request a new VM in vRealize Automation in Intelligent Infrastructure

  1. Log into vRA; see Log into vRealize Automation (vRA) in Intelligent Infrastructure.
  2. Click the Catalog tab on the menu bar, and then click Request within the "Create New VM" dialog box.
    Intelligent Infrastructure Service Catalog dialog
  3. Fill out the required fields for the VM request. Any field not marked with a red "*" is optional. Click Submit when finished.
    • Do not use hard returns on any fields on the request.
    • Use custom fields 1-5 if you wish to record any additional information with this virtual machine. These fields will populate custom attributes on the VM in vCenter.
    • The "Pool Utilization" field will populate once you select the pool this VM is to bill against. Current and maximum CPU usage, memory (in GB), and Disk (in GB) are displayed on the form for reference.
    Intelligent Infrastructure Create New VM form
  4. After you submit the request, click OK on the confirmation screen.
  5. You will receive an email message stating that your request has been submitted, and another when it has been completed successfully. You may view the current status of your requests on the Requests tab.

    You can also see requests made by other accounts in your group by changing the Submitter pulldown in the upper right.

  6. Once the VM has been created, it will appear under the Items tab, under the Machines subtab.
    • To see VMs made by other people, change the Owned by pulldown in the upper right.
    • Use the "Name/Description" search field in the upper right to search for a VM.
    • To navigate pages, use the navigation arrows on the bottom of the page.
    • To refresh the view, use the refresh icon on the bottom of the page.

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