About the Resource Allocation Center (RAC)


The Resource Allocation Center (RAC) is an application where university staff can provision infrastructure resources. RAC currently supports the creation and maintenance of Resource Pools for use within the II Self-Service portal built on the vRealize Automation (VRA) system.


In order to create and manage resource pools within RAC, you must be a member of an organization. To create and maintain an organization in RAC, go to Organizations. If you need an organization created, contact the Storage and Virtualization (SAV) team and provide the following information:

  • Name of the organization
  • Active Directory group containing the members of this organization
  • Contact email address

All organization members (members of the associated Active Directory group) have the ability to create and maintain resource pools for their organization within RAC. Once the organization is created, you can begin managing resource pools.

Create and manage resource pools

When you create or make a change to a resource pool, a request for approval will route to the sub-account reviewers and fiscal officer for the account/sub-account that was provided on the resource pool. After approving the request, the Storage and Virtualization (SAV) team will review and provision or modify the resource pool within vRA. You will then receive an email message with further instructions.

Resource pool naming

When creating a new resource pool, you should choose a unique name that best describes it. As part of the original migration of virtual machines to vRA, names for the resource pools were generated at the time of creation. These generated names likely include elements such as organization name, campus, and the funding account and sub-accounts. You can change these default names if desired, though for clarity, UITS recommends keeping some of these identifying elements in the name.

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