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At Indiana University, E Training offers online and in-person training, tutorials, and compliance-driven education and awareness. It is available free of charge to IU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates for completion of compliance-specific training. E Training keeps comprehensive records of training completion, enabling learners to certify their training and allowing the university to maintain robust compliance records.

Reports for E Training courses are available through the Decision Support Portal, DS.IU.EDU. The reports allow department/unit administrators (or others with responsibility for tracking training completion within a unit or program area) to view completion records for in-person and online courses offered in the E Training catalog of IU Expand.

Prerequisites to access

E Training reports pull in Canvas data, HRMS data, and student data. Prerequisites to access include completion of the following:

To check whether you've completed the AUA and FERPA Tutorial, use the Compliance Lookup Tool.

Request access

Once the prerequisites are complete, send mail to IU E Training to request access to the reports. Include the following information in your request:

  • The subject line should be "E Training Reports Access"
  • Your username
  • Your role in your unit, or your business need to access reports
  • Dates that prerequisites were completed (if known)

When your access is approved, you'll receive email notification.

Access, download, and save reports

Completion data in the reports runs 24-48 hours behind. If you have an urgent request to confirm completion status for someone who has completed a course within the last 24-48 hours, contact the course owner or IU E Training for assistance.

To access, download, and save reports:

  1. Navigate to the E Training Reports task in DS.IU.EDU.
  2. Click Start. If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase.
  3. There are multiple versions of the E Training reports available, each with a different combination of filters you can apply and different fields included in output. Navigate to the desired dashboard report (e.g., "Abbreviated Output Dashboard") by clicking the tab that appears at the top of the window just above the filtering options; the datasheet tabs are for downloading, as described in step 5.

    Available reports include:

    • Abbreviated Output: This report includes a comprehensive set of filters for both employee and student data fields, but the fields that appear in the report output are minimal. This report only returns name, username, email, course name, completion status, and completion date.
    • Unit Reports Combined (default view): This is the most comprehensive report, and includes both employee and student data fields. Filtering options include fields such as username, employee ID, position title, course name, RC/school, department, division, student academic program, student academic plan list, etc. You can also filter the range of completion dates or expiration terms. These fields also appear as output in the report.
    • Employee Report: This report includes employee data fields, but not student data. Filtering options include fields such as username, course name, RC/school, department, division, etc. You can also filter the range of completion dates or expiration terms.
    • Student Report: This report includes student data fields, but not employee data. Filtering options include fields such as username, course name, RC/school, department, division, etc. You can also filter the range of completion dates or expiration terms.
    If you have questions about the reports or require data/fields not included in these reports, email IU E Training for assistance.
  4. For your desired report, click the associated dashboard to apply filters.
  5. After you've applied filters on the dashboard, click the associated datasheet (on the tab to the left of the corresponding dashboard) to download the report.
    You can only download a datasheet, not a dashboard report.
  6. To export the output as a spreadsheet, on the bottom right of the screen, click Download, and select Crosstab. You will see a notice that the crosstab has been generated; click the green Download button.
  7. You will be prompted for the program with which to open the CSV (comma-separated values) file. Microsoft Excel should be the default, or you can select it from the drop-down list.

    If you're using a Mac and the file did not open, go to the download folder on your device and open the CSV file (e.g., Unit_Report_Combined_Datasheet_crosstab.csv).

  8. To save the report, select Save as, name the file, select the file location or folder, and select the desired file format (typically Excel Workbook).

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