UITS Service Overview: Salesforce

Service name: Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud

Role: Customer relationship management, communication, marketing

Description: Salesforce is a cloud-based system of engagement that provides a 360-degree view of contacts and constituents, allowing you to manage relationships with them and track data related to all interactions. Salesforce also helps staff and departments collaborate internally and externally, gather insights from social media, track important metrics, and communicate via email, phone, social media, and other channels. Salesforce provides a unified view of every interaction and/or engagement that prospective students, parents, enrolled students, faculty, staff, and affiliates have with the university, enabling you to enhance the experience of everyone with whom you communicate to support recruiting, student success, advancement, marketing, and community engagement.

Cost: Free of charge

Further reference: Salesforce @ IU, User documentation, Training resources, About Salesforce at IU

Adoption process: Departments interested in using Salesforce or Marketing Cloud should submit the form on the Salesforce @ IU Getting started page.

Service contact information: Support (crmhelp@iu.edu); IU CRM website

Platform restrictions: None (cloud-based)

Meets UIPO/UISO guidelines: Has been reviewed by UISO

Data classification approval: Users requiring access to institutional data classified as Restricted or Critical must be granted access through a process that verifies a legitimate need to see this restricted data; for more, see Salesforce data security and data access.

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