No-photo CrimsonCards for online students

Only currently enrolled online learning students are eligible to receive a no-photo CrimsonCard to be delivered by mail. All other current or former students, faculty, and staff must visit a campus CrimsonCard office to obtain a new or replacement CrimsonCard.

If you are an online student needing a CrimsonCard, but you are unable to come into campus, you can request a no-photo CrimsonCard:

  1. Visit the CrimsonCard site. From the About CrimsonCard menu, select Getting Your CrimsonCard.
  2. Select Online students and follow the link to complete a request form for a no-photo CrimsonCard.

The full URL to the request form is Cards are typically mailed via USPS one to two business days after the request is received. Delivery times vary based on location.

You cannot make purchases with your card until you receive it.

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