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If you are the faculty of record for a class, you can use the Faculty Center to view class rosters. You will see only class rosters for those classes where you are listed as Primary, Secondary, or Associate Instructor; you won't see other instructors' rosters.

View a roster

The IUIE has electronic enrollment roster reports with more detailed student data (for example, email address, student address, academic level) that can display in either PDF or spreadsheet format. See the academic officer for your unit if you do not have access to these reports in the IUIE.

To view class rosters:

  1. Go to Faculty Center.

  2. The Faculty Center will open to the current term. To access a roster for a different term, click the green Change term or campus button, select the appropriate term, and click Continue.
  3. To display the specific roster, in the left column of the "My Teaching Schedule" grid, click Class Roster.

You will see the following information on the "Class Roster" page:

Class Roster

  • Catalog Subject (Dept) and Catalog Nbr (Course number): For example, MATH-M 118
  • Class Nbr: Unique number assigned to class
  • Term
  • Session: For example, Regular Academic Session
  • Campus
  • Course Career: For example, Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Meeting Information: Days and times, room, instructor, and meeting dates

Roster Type

  • Enrollment Status: The enrollment status defines the Class Roster Type that the system displays for you. Your choices for enrollment status are:
    • Enrolled: Lists students who are enrolled in the class or withdrawn with a grade of W
    • Waiting: Lists students on a waitlist for the class
    • Dropped: Lists students who dropped the class within the first week of classes
    • All: Lists all students

    The default Enrollment Status is Enrolled; to view a different type of roster, select the new value from the drop-down menu and click Change.

  • Total Students: The total number of students for the enrollment type you selected
  • Enrollment capacity: Displays maximum enrollment limit set for the class

Student Detail

You can view 100 rows of student data at a time for students of the enrollment type you specified. If there are more than 100 students, click the arrow button in the blue scroll area to display the next 100 students. The student information includes the following:

  • Notify: Allows instructor to select a group of students to contact via email; used in conjunction with the Notify Selected Students button at the bottom
  • Student ID: The student's ID
  • Name: The student's name
  • Send e-mail: Opens a new email message addressed to the student
  • Grading Basis: The student's grading basis
  • Units Taken: The number of units that the student took for the class
  • Program and Plan: The student's primary academic program, major, and degree level
  • Level: The student's academic level (for example, freshman, sophomore, etc.)

Format the roster

You can change the order in which the Faculty Center displays course rosters:

  1. On the blue bar, click Personalize.
  2. In the left box, click the title of the column that you want to display first.
  3. Click the right arrow located between the two boxes.
  4. Verify that the selected column now appears at the top in the "Sort Order" box.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until all of the columns you want to display appear in the "Sort Order" box.
  6. Click any remaining column name in the "Column Order" box.
  7. Click the box labeled "hidden" located between the two boxes.
  8. Repeat steps 6 through 7 as necessary.
  9. Click OK.

To reset the display to the default settings, click Delete Settings. Confirm by clicking Delete, and then click OK.

Find a specific student

To find a student:

  1. On the blue bar, click Find.
  2. When the "Explorer User Prompt" dialog box appears, enter a search string, such as a student's last name.
    If your internet pop-up blocker is set to block all pop-ups, you'll need to turn it off or change the setting to allow them; refer to your browser help for instructions. For further assistance, contact your local Support Center.
  3. Click OK to search.

The student's name will display as the first name on the list of students on the roster.

Email students from the roster

As noted above, instructors can email some or all students from the "Student Detail" section of the roster. See the View a roster section above.

  • To email an individual student, click Send e-mail from the "Student Detail" section.
  • To email multiple students, check the box in the "Notify" column next to each student you wish to contact, and then click Notify Selected Students.
  • To email all students, click Notify Listed Students.

Save a roster as a spreadsheet

Student data rows in the class roster are real-time data. To save the roster as a spreadsheet:

  1. On the blue bar, click the spreadsheet icon.
  2. When asked whether to open or save the file, select Save. Place it in a secure location (not on your desktop or hard drive). Check with your IT Pro for assistance in determining a secure location.
  3. When the "Download Complete" dialog box appears, click Open.

    If you receive a Microsoft Excel message warning that the file is in a different format, click Yes.

  4. The spreadsheet will open; save it before exiting.

Print a roster

Print rosters by clicking Print at the top of the page. To format the roster before you print it, click Printer Friendly Version at the bottom of the page, and then click Print.

Problems viewing a class roster

If you are unsure whether you are the faculty of record, or if you want that status changed, contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

Users with dual roles, such as student and faculty, might have problems viewing class rosters. In One.IU, if you click a student link before viewing a class roster on the same browsing session, your browser establishes a PeopleSoft session in student self-service mode. When that happens, the system blocks you from viewing information specific to the instructor mode, preventing access to class rosters.

To fix this problem:

  1. Close all browsers.
  2. Clear your browser cookies, cache, and history. For instructions, see Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history.
  3. Log into One.IU again, clicking only instructor links.

If you continue having problems, contact your campus Support Center.

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