ARCHIVED: Connect to a Canvas-created Video Bridge conference from a Polycom or Cisco room system

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If meeting participants wish to use a Polycom or Cisco room system to connect to a virtual meeting room (VMR) created using the Video Bridge tool in Canvas, an instructor or teaching assistant must first determine the VMR number, which participants can then use to dial in.

As an instructor or teaching assistant, to find the VMR number:

  1. In Canvas, from the course navigation bar, click Video Bridge.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. On the "Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) Settings" page, note the VMR number, along with the VMR Host PIN if one is defined.
  4. Send the VMR number and/or Host PIN to meeting participants who wish to connect from a Polycom or Cisco room system.

To connect from a Polycom or Cisco room system once you've received the VMR number from your instructor or teaching assistant:

  1. On your Polycom or Cisco unit's control screen, enter the VMR number and press Call.
  2. If prompted, enter the VMR host pin.

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