Read Umail on an email client or mobile device

Umail is only for former students who do not have an active status (for example, faculty, staff) and who separated from IU prior to March 11, 2018; see About the Umail upgrade. Current students use Gmail at IU. If you're unsure about what type of account you have, contact your campus Support Center.
Umail at IU (former students only) is scheduled to be retired on November 19, 2019. Once the service is discontinued, you will no longer be able to access your Umail account and its associated services (for example, email, Drive files, Sites).

To configure your email client or mobile device for Umail, follow the appropriate instructions:

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Umail settings

Umail supports connections from email clients using the IMAP protocol. You will need to use your Umail vendor password (not your IU passphrase) when connecting via an email client.

When adding Umail to your email client or mobile device, you may be prompted for some or all of the following:

  • Provider: If prompted for an email provider, choose Gmail or Google.
  • Username: Use (replace username with your Umail username).
  • Password: Use your Umail vendor password (not your IU passphrase).
  • IMAP server (or Incoming Mail Server): Use Specify SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for incoming (IMAP) connections; use port 993.
  • SMTP server (or Outgoing Mail Server): Use Specify TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for outgoing (SMTP) connections; use port 587. If the mail client does not have TLS as an option, instead specify SSL and use port 465 for outgoing mail.
  • Use the same username and password to authenticate with the SMTP server. Do not select Secure Password Authentication.

Email client

To configure your email client for Umail using IMAP:

  1. To ensure that IMAP is enabled on your account, follow the instructions in Read Gmail messages on other email clients using IMAP.
    When logging in via the Gmail website rather than the IU portal, you will need to use the vendor (Umail) credentials:
  2. Follow the appropriate setup instructions for your email client:
Ensure that your Umail account is set to allow less secure apps; for instructions, see Allowing less secure apps to access your account]. Since Google lists Outlook as unsecure, this setting needs to be turned on to successfully connect.

Mobile device

For help adding Umail to your mobile device, refer to the appropriate instructions:

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