UITS Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) consulting services

The UITS Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) offers short-term and extended consulting and training services related to scientific and informational visualization, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced digital arts and media for Indiana University educators, creative artists, and researchers seeking to use advanced visualization technologies to improve the quality of teaching and learning, expand the boundaries of art, and find solutions to difficult problems hidden within massive sets of data:

  • AVL staff can help optimize your current visualization, interactive, or advanced media application workflows, or identify alternatives that may better suit your needs.
  • The AVL can assist with data preparation and translation tasks.
  • If no available applications or existing workflows meet your project's needs, the AVL can provide limited custom software and workflow development.
  • AVL staff can help assess how the inclusion of visualization, interactive, and/or advanced media technologies can enhance your funding proposals.

To maximize the benefits of AVL consulting services, potential collaborators are encouraged to contact the AVL as early as possible to arrange an initial project consultation.


If your work makes use of or otherwise benefits from AVL technologies and/or support, please acknowledge or reference the "Advanced Visualization Laboratory at Indiana University" in any resulting scholarly printed works, web pages, talks, online publications, and/or presentations. The AVL is a unit of the Research Technologies division of UITS and is affiliated with IU's Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI).

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