Enroll a new smartphone in Two-Step Login (Duo) using your existing phone number

If you use the Duo Mobile app on an Android or iOS device, you may be able to use the Duo Restore feature to recover your accounts from a backup. For more, see Restore Two-Step Login accounts in the Duo Mobile app on a new device.

If you previously enrolled a smartphone in Two-Step Login (Duo), but now have a new device with the same phone number:

  1. Go to Two-Step-Login (Duo) from any device except the new device. If prompted, log into IU Login and complete a two-step login with Duo; on the Two-Step Login page within IU Login, choose either Call Me, or Enter a Passcode followed by Text me new codes.
    • If you have enabled the autopush settings, you may have to click Cancel on the IU Login page before you can click Call Me or Enter a Passcode.
    • Even though your previous phone is still enrolled in Duo, the call or text message will be sent to the phone number and should arrive to your new phone, allowing you to log in.
    • If you have multiple devices enrolled in Duo, you may need to select your current device from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Manage devices & settings, and then use the Duo Control Panel to complete (another) two-step login (step 1 in these instructions).
  3. In the Duo Control Panel, find your device, click its Device Options, and then select Reactivate Duo Mobile.
  4. Select the correct operating system for your device (for example, Android or iPhone), and then click Continue.
  5. If the Duo Mobile app is already installed on the device, click I have Duo Mobile. If Duo Mobile is not already installed on the device, follow the "Install Duo Mobile for..." instructions displayed in the Duo Control Panel, and then, once Duo Mobile is installed, click I have Duo Mobile.
  6. Under "Activate Duo Mobile for...", follow the on-screen instructions for using Duo Mobile to scan the provided QR code. When the code is scanned successfully, a green checkmark will appear over the code.
  7. Click Continue to complete the activation.

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