Enroll a new smartphone in Two-Step Login (Duo) using your existing phone number

If you use the Duo Mobile app on an Android or iOS device, you may be able to use the Duo Restore feature to recover your accounts from a backup. For more, see Restore Two-Step Login accounts in the Duo Mobile app on a new device.

Using the Duo Self-Service Portal, you can reactivate the Duo Mobile app for your existing phone number. This tool lets you do so with SMS passcodes or Duo phone calls, both for logging into the tool and reactivating existing devices or adding new ones. The SMS passcode or phone call login options are only being made available for this tool to facilitate self-service reactivation and Duo account changes, and will not be available at other login prompts.

If you previously enrolled a smartphone in Two-Step Login (Duo), but now have a new device with the same phone number:

  1. Go to Duo Self-Service Portal. If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase. If you cannot authenticate using a Duo Mobile push notification or Duo Mobile passcode, select Other Options at the Duo prompt to authenticate using an SMS passcode or Duo phone call.
    If you do not see the SMS or call options after selecting Other Options at the Duo prompt, back out and start the process over. You may also need to clear the browser cache and cookies.
  2. Once logged in, for any registered numbers, you will see an option that says I have a new phone. Select this, and then follow the prompts to reactivate the Duo Mobile app for that number.

    If you're prompted for a bypass code request instead of a push, it may be that you have the same phone number but never registered the Duo Mobile app for that number before (you've used only calls or texts in the past for this number). In this case:

    1. Follow the steps above, but instead of selecting I have a new phone, click Add a device.
    2. When presented with options, select Duo Mobile, and follow the prompts to register the existing number with the Duo Mobile app.

If you no longer have the same phone number but do have another device with which you can authenticate, you can log into the Duo Self-Service Portal with the alternate device to add or remove devices. For instructions, see Manage your Two-Step Login (Duo) devices and settings.

If you no longer have the phone number that was previously registered and you can't complete a login via any method for the Duo Self-Service Portal, contact your campus Support Center.

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