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Course templates are automatically applied to Canvas courses provisioned by SIS, as well as to new courses that users create by clicking Start a New Course. The template applied to your course depends on the academic unit to which your course is assigned.

The content in the template will determine which elements in your course are changed. Templates are typically used to standardize the course navigation menu, to make changes to default course settings, or to set the default home page. Templates can also be used to pre-populate the course with outcomes, rubrics, or files and pages that can be used to standardize the look and feel of course content.

Reasons to manually apply a template

As an instructor, you may need to manually apply a Canvas course template to an existing course for several reasons, including:

  • The original template failed to import when the course was created.
  • The course was moved to a different account and needs the template for the new account applied.

Apply the template

Templates can only be applied to unpublished courses.

To manually apply a template to your Canvas course:

  1. Navigate to your course, and click Settings.
  2. Click Apply template. You'll see a pop-up displaying the account template that will be applied to your course.
  3. To apply the template, click Submit.

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