2009-10 Peebles Memorial Lecture in Information Technology

The inaugural Peebles Memorial Lecture in Information Technology was presented by Dr. Thomas Sterling on November 9, 2009, in the Innovation Center at Indiana University. Dr. Sterling, a renowned professor of computer science at Louisiana State University, presented "HPC in Phase Change: Towards a New Parallel Execution Model".

Abstract: Dr. Thomas Sterling is best known as the father of the Beowulf cluster and for his work on petascale computing. His development of Beowulf clusters (making supercomputing clusters out of groups of Linux servers) created and popularized the technology that underlies a large majority of the world's fastest supercomputers.

Bio: Dr. Sterling's research focuses on ParalleX, which strives to provide a new model of parallel computing that will revolutionize high-performance computing, science, and informatics applications. Sterling received his Ph.D. as a Hertz Fellow from MIT in 1984. He has co-authored six books and holds six patents. In 1997, Sterling was part of a team awarded the Gordon Bell Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievement in high-performance computing applications.

Watch Dr. Sterling's lecture (via YouTube).

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