Create a podcast channel in Kaltura MediaSpace

The IU Podcast Portal was retired on March 16, 2018, and all podcasts have been migrated to Kaltura. You'll need to resubscribe to your podcasts by visiting IU Podcasts,finding your podcast, and then clicking the iTunes link.

For more information or assistance, email the Podcast team.

To create a channel for podcasts in Kaltura MediaSpace:

  1. To log into Kaltura MediaSpace, click Guest on the top right, using either your personal IU credentials or those for an IU group account.
  2. Hover over your name in the upper right , and click My Channels. On the resulting "My Channels" page, click Create Channel.
  3. Complete the form with as much information about your podcast as you can provide. Also, add your new channel to one of the categories under "IU Podcasts", which makes it easier for others to find your new podcast.
    For your podcast to be visible to the general public as well as to the IU community, set your channel's privacy to Public.
  4. Follow the steps to upload your podcast files and other media to MediaSpace.
  5. Navigate back to your channel, and click Add to Channel. Find your uploaded media, select the files you wish to add to your channel, and click Publish.
  6. To allow your listeners to subscribe via iTunes, email the Podcast team with the name of your channel. Staff will set up your syndication feed for you and add it to your channel's page.

For more information or assistance, email the Podcast team.

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