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Kuali Enterprise Workflow is a general-purpose electronic routing infrastructure, or workflow engine, for the Indiana University community. It manages the creation, routing, and processing of electronic documents (eDocs) necessary to complete a transaction. Applications can use Kuali Enterprise Workflow to automate and regulate the approval process for the transactions or documents they create.

The process starts when someone creates an eDoc. Workflow then routes the eDoc electronically to the attention of designated individuals, based on university or departmental policies. Routing is typically done for approval, so the route followed by an eDoc is functionally similar to that followed by a paper document. With Workflow, you can access all eDocs routed to you from a single point called your Action List.

You will receive email notification when your Action List needs your attention. For more, including details about configuring your notifications, see Modify your Action List.



An eDoc is an electronic document containing the information for a business transaction routed for approval through the Action List. An eDoc may be initiated in an outside application, such as SIS or TK. For each eDoc in your Action List, you may be asked to approve, acknowledge, or complete it, or to get an "FYI" for it. eDocs will continue to replace many paper forms, such as administrative forms, making it easier and faster to do university-related work.

Find eDocs

Go to Document Search, where you can search the eDocs that have been routed for approval or are currently being routed.

You can search for all eDocs that match the various document properties, such as Document Type, Initiator's IU username, Document ID, or the creation date. To search by other properties, click Advanced Search.

The results are listed in the same tabular format as the Action List. From the table, to view the contents of an eDoc that you have permission to view, click the eDoc's Routing ID.

View eDocs from your Action List

  1. Visit Action List, and you will see a display of the eDocs in your list.
  2. To open and view an eDoc, click its unique Document ID number in the left-most column. This will display the contents of that eDoc, along with buttons you can use to take the needed action.


A Group is a designated set of users who share a common functional responsibility in Kuali Enterprise Workflow.


A SuperUser is a designated user who has been given special permission to approve eDocs of a certain Document Type. The SuperUser approval action bypasses approvals normally required in the routing and advances the eDoc's routing to the specified Route Level. You can access this permission from the Document Search.

If you have SuperUser privileges for a document, the results of a Document Search will have a wrench icon you can use to access SuperUser functionality.

Delegation and the Delegate Action List

The delegation feature allows you to designate another person to act as a delegate for you; your delegate can act on your eDocs with the same authority as you. The delegate must have a valid IU username and passphrase.

Delegation is assigned for a specified Document Type, as either Primary or Secondary Delegation:

  • In Primary Delegation, the designated user acts as an ongoing delegate. Any eDocs routed to the delegator appear instead in the Action List of the delegate, who acts on them with the full authority of the delegator.
  • In Secondary Delegation, the eDoc appears in the Action Lists of both the delegator and the delegate. It is generally used for temporary absences, such as vacation. When either the delegator or the delegate takes action on the eDoc, it disappears from both Action Lists.

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