ARCHIVED: In OneStart Workflow, what are delegation and the Delegate Action List?

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In OneStart Workflow, delegation is a feature that allows you to designate another person to act as a delegate for you; your delegate can act on your eDocs with the same authority as you. The delegate must have a valid Indiana University Network ID.

Delegation is assigned for a specified Document Type, as either Primary or Secondary Delegation:

  • In Primary Delegation, the designated user acts as an ongoing delegate. Any eDocs routed to the delegator appear instead in the Action List of the delegate, who acts on them with the full authority of the delegator.
  • In Secondary Delegation, the eDoc appears in the Action Lists of both the delegator and the delegate. It is generally used for temporary absences, such as vacation. When either the delegator or the delegate takes action on the eDoc, it disappears from both Action Lists.

The Delegate Action List is a separate Action List channel in OneStart that displays only the delegated actions. A delegate is a registered OneStart Workflow user who has been designated to take appropriate actions on your eDocs. After the delegate selects the delegator on whose behalf to act, an Action List of eDocs routed to the delegator appears.

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