ARCHIVED: Glossary of Oncourse terms

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Academic Planner
A tool available in portfolio sites that connects to a student's Academic Planner in the SIS Student Center
A tool in My Workspace where users can set their authorized email addresses. See ARCHIVED: Changing your authorized email address.
A role for a teaching assistant or associate instructor who are not the primary instructor in a course site. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool used to inform site participants of current items of interest, such as a schedule or policy change. Announcements can have attachments, including URLs, and can be automatically emailed to all site participants. ARCHIVED: More...
Formerly known as Assignments 2, this tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments for courses, and contains additional functionality not available in the original Assignments tool, now retired. ARCHIVED: More...
A participant role in a course, project, or portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
Authorized email address
A participant can send email to the Email Archive only from an authorized email address, and will receive email from other participants there. See ARCHIVED: Changing your authorized email address.
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A tool that allows individuals to write entries in online journals which they can share with others. ARCHIVED: More...
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A tool that displays information such as class session dates, deadlines, web assignment dates, special events, or cancellations in calendar format. ARCHIVED: More...
Campus Course Policies
A tool that links to documentation on course policies for Indiana University campuses
A participant role in a project site. ARCHIVED: More...
Chat Room
A tool for real-time unstructured online discussion with other site participants who are also logged into the workspace. ARCHIVED: More...
A role in a portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
Courseload Engage/Courseload eTexts
Courseload Engage is the reading platform for stand-alone digital texts offered via IU eTexts, available in Oncourse using the Courseload eTexts tool.
Course site
The official site for a particular academic course
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Drop Box
A tool that allows instructors and students to share many types of documents within a private folder for each student. ARCHIVED: More...
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Email Archive
A function used to store email sent to all participants via the site email address. Email sent to individual participants will not be stored here. In addition to viewing email messages, you can use this function both to view and to create an easy-to-remember alias for the site's email address. ARCHIVED: More...
A portfolio tool that allows certain users to view and manage evaluations from students' matrices. ARCHIVED: More...
A participant role in a portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
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Feature demonstrations
Short videos that show how to do different tasks. For a list of feature demonstrations, see ARCHIVED: Oncourse features.
Form Builder
A tool to create XSD files (i.e., electronic forms) for portfolio tools. ARCHIVED: More...
Some portfolio tools (e.g., Matrices) use electronic forms to collect data. The Forms tool allows those with appropriate permissions to add XSD files to a site to serve as these electronic forms. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool for creating an unlimited number of discussion forums in course or project sites. ARCHIVED: More...
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Global access
A site-wide setting that site owners can choose. It grants access to the site to specific people or to anyone who has the authorization to log into Oncourse.
A portfolio tool for creating a glossary of terms referenced in matrix row and/or column names. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool allowing instructors to calculate and store grade information and distribute it to students online. ARCHIVED: More...
Study groups, project teams, and other non-official subsets of site participants. Instructors and site leaders can create groups. See ARCHIVED: Managing groups.
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The course, project, or portfolio site home page, which contains a list of recent site announcements, chat messages, and Messages and Forums notifications.
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A function that allows you to import content from another site or from selected tools, or to combine the content from multiple sites into one site. See ARCHIVED: Importing material or participants from another site you own.
A participant role in a course site. ARCHIVED: More...
A rubric-building and assessment software system available to certain campuses and departments via Gradebook and Assignments. ARCHIVED: More...
IU eTexts
An online learning and collaboration tool that provides textbooks and other resources in digital form. More...
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A participant role in a course site. ARCHIVED: More...
Librarian +
A participant role in a course site with more permissions than the Librarian role. ARCHIVED: More...
Library Resources
Connects students to library resources relevant to course content. ARCHIVED: More...
Loading Dock
Seen when you import scores into the Gradebook. See ARCHIVED: Importing grades from a spreadsheet.
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Matrices, matrix
A matrix is a framework for guiding students (or another group of users) through the process of creating a learning or assessment portfolio; the Matrices tool allows users to create and use matrices. ARCHIVED: More...
A participant role in a project site. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool to add yourself to publicly joinable sites, located in My Workspace.
The vertical bar on the left side of the screen that lists the tools available in a site. Site owners can designate which tools to activate in the Site Setup tool. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool that allows participants to communicate using internal course mail. In addition, it supports messaging between groups. ARCHIVED: More...
Messages and Forums notifications
Notifies participants (on the Home page and in My Workspace) of unread forum postings and messages
A lesson builder tool that allows instructors to publish and organize material to guide students through the learning process. ARCHIVED: More...
My Workspace
An individual worksite for each Oncourse user that, among other things, consolidates calendar and announcement information for all your sites. When you log directly into Oncourse, My Workspace is the default site that opens. My Workspace also allows you to create and post private items, join public sites, and perform other tasks. ARCHIVED: More...
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Site owners can configure this tool to display news from an RSS feed. ARCHIVED: More...
Non-calculating grades
Grades entered as a string of text (up to eight characters) rather than a numerical value; these can be traditional letter grades or designations such as "absent". Non-calculating grades cannot be used for automatic course grade calculations.
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A participant role in a course, project, or portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
Official Photo ID
Viewable by instructors from the Roster tool. See ARCHIVED: Viewing participants in your site.
Oncourse Collaboration and Learning (Oncourse) is developed in partnership with other academic institutions, and provides all faculty and students at IU with a powerful environment in which to collaborate and learn.
Owner, project owner
A project owner is a participant role in a project site. However, the term "site owner" is sometimes used more broadly to indicate a role with full permissions in any type of site (e.g., a project owner in a project site or an instructor in a course site). ARCHIVED: More...
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The users of a particular site, who are granted different privileges based on their roles. Also the name for a specific role in a portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
A function that determines what participants in a given role can see or do in the site. Site owners can set different permissions for different tools. ARCHIVED: More...
Allows site leaders to create, store, and distribute multimedia content to site participants via an RSS feed. ARCHIVED: More...
Portfolio environment
A suite of tools that allows faculty and administrators to guide students through the process of creating learning, assessment, and presentation portfolios. ARCHIVED: More...
Allows site leaders to upload comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheets to present feedback to site participants. ARCHIVED: More...
Practice course site
A site that emulates course site functionality, so instructors can prepare for future classes they may teach. ARCHIVED: More...
A tool in My Workspace that allows users to set their own preferences for being notified about new announcements, resources, and site email messages.
Privacy status
Participants can hide their names from other participants, or make them visible. See ARCHIVED: Changing your privacy status.
A tool for creating personal portfolio presentations using existing templates. ARCHIVED: More...
Presentation Templates
A portfolio tool allowing certain users to add XSL design templates for presentations that incorporate form data.
A tool in My Workspace that allows participants to enter, or choose to display, public and personal information, including an institutional ID picture if available. ARCHIVED: More...
Project site
A site designed to facilitate collaboration. You can invite anyone you wish to join your project site.
Public View
A function that allows an element in a site (such as a syllabus) to be viewable to anyone who has authorization to access Oncourse. If you make something publicly viewable, any user of Oncourse can see it and will have access-level rights.
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A function of a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox) that contacts the server for updated information. When using Oncourse, you may want to refresh your browser periodically to make sure you have the most up-to-date information in a site. Oncourse also automatically refreshes your view periodically.
A tool used for analyzing data from forms in the portfolio environment. ARCHIVED: More...
Reset button
ARCHIVED: The reset button appears to the left of the tool name and looks like a green arrow pointing up. It returns you to the top page of the tool you are using. Clicking the tool name itself has the same result.
A tool for making materials (e.g., documents, files, or website addresses) available for users of a site. Using the Permissions feature of this tool, site owners can control which types of users can post or read documents in specific folders within Resources. ARCHIVED: More...
A participant role in a portfolio site. ARCHIVED: More...
rich-text editor
A text box with buttons that allow you to change the formatting of your text as you type, used within a number of tools in Oncourse (e.g., Messages). Sometimes called the WYSIWYG editor, which stands for "What You See Is What You Get". ARCHIVED: More...
Collection of permissions assigned to participants, allowing specific access within a site. Course, project, and portfolio sites each have a set of default roles available (e.g., instructor or student). ARCHIVED: More...
Group- and section-aware tool that allows you to view the names, photos, and profiles of site participants. ARCHIVED: More...
A format for syndicating news, which in this context can encompass not only current events but also changes to various types of documents. An RSS feed will update automatically from an external website. Site owners can add RSS via the News tool.
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SIS Grade Roster
A tool allowing instructors to use a course site's gradebook to submit final course grades. ARCHIVED: More...
The siteID for your course, project, or portfolio site is the string of numbers and letters appearing immediately after site/ in the site's URL.
Site owner
A collective term for instructors, project owners, and portfolio coordinators
Site Setup
A tool that allows site owners to make changes to tools, participants, access, etc. for the site; for site participants, Site Setup displays site information. ARCHIVED: More...
Site Stats
A tool that allows site owners and assistants to see statistics by user, event, or resource. ARCHIVED: More...
A participant role for a course site. ARCHIVED: More...
A portfolio tool allowing certain users to add cascading style sheets (CSS) for controlling the appearance of matrices and portfolios
The official outline for a course. Instructors can upload a copy of it or provide a link to it if it already exists elsewhere online. ARCHIVED: More...
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A site within Oncourse. Tabs are located horizontally along the top of the Oncourse window.
Tests & Surveys
A tool allowing instructors to create online assessments (i.e., tests, quizzes, and surveys). ARCHIVED: More...
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Universal Resource Locator. The unique address of a computer, website, or document on the Internet. Some Oncourse tools allow you to enter a URL.
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A participant role for a course site. ARCHIVED: More...
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Web Content
A tool that allows site owners to choose a website or an HTML file to display within the Oncourse frame. ARCHIVED: More...
Allows you to more easily transfer files (including files too large to upload via the standard method) from your local computer to Resources. ARCHIVED: More...
Allows site participants to create and update wiki pages within a site. ARCHIVED: More...
Worksite Setup
A tool that provides information about and (for some roles) management options for the sites to which you currently belong. ARCHIVED: More...

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