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For students in campus housing

At Indiana University, UITS provides an analog phone line to most residence hall rooms and on-campus apartments. However, students must supply their own phones.

If your campus housing residence currently does not have an active telephone line, you must contact your center desk to have the line activated (at no charge). For more, see At IUB and IUPUI, are telephones provided in campus housing?

Students may also choose to bring their own VoIP phones or endpoints, so long as these devices do not adversely affect the IU network. Endpoints that can act as a DHCP server or broadband router may not be used, and students will be responsible for correctly configuring any endpoints they bring to campus. If the endpoint disrupts other network traffic, UITS will block the device from accessing the network. If you need assistance with properly configuring your phone, contact the Support Center.

IP phones that are not FCC-compliant are not allowed on the IU network. This primarily affects devices brought to campus from outside the country.

Students can also use UniCom clients to make computer-based calls to other UniCom users, but since they are only eligible for UniCom Basic, students cannot make calls to non-UniCom users. See IU UniCom feature comparison.

For faculty and staff

Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync (also known as UniCom) is the communications platform for the university. Faculty and staff can use Skype for Business/Lync clients to make computer-based calls, depending on their equipment, operating system, and UniCom service mode; see IU UniCom feature comparison. IU faculty and staff can obtain Skype for Business/Lync-compatible devices (USB devices or IP phones) by going through their department telecommunications coordinator or their local IT Pro.

While a wide variety of USB devices can be used with Skype for Business/Lync, faculty and staff should not use any IP phones other than those approved for use by UITS. For details, see About office telephone equipment at IU.


If your department is planning to take payment card transactions over the phone:

  1. When taking payment card transactions over the phone as part of a conversation, be sure to use a VoIP phone that connects directly to a wired network jack (for example, a Polycom VVX500 series phone). You cannot use soft clients and USB devices (such as headsets, Polycom CX300, Lync, Skype for Business) via a computer.
  2. When using a VoIP Phone that is directly connected to a network data jack, you cannot connect it to a computer via USB.
  3. Voice mail is part of the UITS VoIP phone service. Individual departments are responsible for establishing and implementing policies for not utilizing voice mail for payment card information. UITS or the Office of the Treasurer may ask for documentation regarding departmental voice mail policy and payment card transactions as needed.

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