At IU, is there a charge for research computing services?

The university's research computing systems are available at no charge to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff.

The High Performance Systems (HPS) group, part of the Research Technologies division of UITS, manages and administers computing systems dedicated to research. These systems and associated support services enable IU researchers to solve large and complex scientific problems, and to handle massive data sets.

To request an account on an Indiana University research system, see Get additional IU computing accounts. Account availability depends on your eligibility.

Accounts remain valid only while the account holder is a registered IU student, or an IU faculty or staff member. On IU research computing systems, accounts are disabled during the semester following the account holder's departure from IU, and then are purged within six months. To exempt a research systems account from disabling, email a request to the Accounts Administration team. If the request is approved, the account will remain activated for one calendar year beyond the user's departure from IU. Then, at the end of the year, the account will be purged. Extensions beyond one year for research accounts are granted only for accounts involved in funded research and having an IU faculty sponsor, or with approval of the Dean or Director of Research and Academic Computing.

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