Let a consultant see your code on IU's research systems

For a consultant at Indiana University to help you with your code on one of the research systems, you may need to open your directories and files to enable the consultant to read your source and data files. The top-level directories on IU's research computing systems are enabled with world read and execute permissions, but your personal home directories are private; consultants or any other normal user would not be able to view their contents.

Suppose all your files (file1, file2) are in one directory called my_project within your home directory. For a consultant to be able to do cd my_project, and look at file1 and file2, the consultant should have at least execute permission at each level of these directories. In addition, the consultant should have read permission on my_project, file1, and file2. To grant these permissions, use the chmod command.

If you prefer, you can set permissions at a finer level of granularity. For example, the following statements will allow all users, including consultants, to change into your home directory, and then into the my_project directory (also, it will allow them to read the files file1 and file2, and the entire contents of subdir1 directory):

  chmod go+rX ~/
  chmod go+rX ~/my_project
  chmod go+rX ~/my_project/file1
  chmod go+rX ~/my_project/file2
  chmod -R go+rX ~/my_project/subdir1/

Home directories on IU's research systems are located on their own file server. If you use one of the research computing systems, you should also enter:

  chmod go+X ~/../

If you prefer to make all your files and directories (those under your home directory) viewable by others, you need to enter only the following command:

  chmod -R go+rX ~/

The following command is only for users of IU's RDC system:

  chmod go+X ~/../
UITS does not recommend allowing world write permission to any file or directory.

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