Set up a Unix Duo integration (for Linux and Unix systems)

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Request the integration

For help requesting the integration, see Integrate Duo with an application.

Install the integration

Once you have the API hostname, integration key, and secret key, you can run the installer to set up the integration. For the clearest instructions, see the video Duo for Unix/SSH Logins in 3 Minutes.

For written guides, see:

Duo recommends using the pam_duo module.

Install the integration on a machine with a private IP address

If you have a server with an IU private IP address, you will need to have a proxy set up so that the machine can communicate with the Duo servers. Servers with private IP addresses in Data Center systems can still connect to the Duo authentication servers, because a universal rule has been added that automatically grants proxy access.

For more about the private IP proxy, including the proxy service IP addresses, see About the Data Center proxy service.

To complete the installation on a server that needs to use this proxy, you may need to run these commands in terminal before beginning the installation:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

Once the installation is complete, you can revert this with the following commands:

unset http_proxy
unset https_proxy

To configure the installation to allow login attempts to contact the servers, you will need to set a proxy in either pam_duo.conf or login_duo.conf (depending on whether you are using login_duo or pam_duo for your implementation). Add the following line to the applicable .conf file:


For more about the available configuration options, see:

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