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Unofficial copy of your transcript

If you are no longer a student at Indiana University, first see Access former student bills, transcripts, and other university information.

An unofficial transcript, available to you for up to five years after you are no longer enrolled, shows information identical to your official transcript. To access your unofficial transcript:

  1. Go to Unofficial transcript.
  2. From the drop-down menus, select your campus or program and the type of report you want (that is, select Unofficial/Cur Enrl/All Career to include your current classes in the transcript, or select Unofficial/All Career to leave them out).
  3. Click view report.

At the end of the transcript, you will see the Student Program GPA summary. These statistics are calculated according to the rules of your current program (for example, whether courses may be repeated for credit). Certain courses may have a note indicating the course was repeated or an equivalent course was later completed. Courses with this note are excluded from the Student Program GPA calculation.

Official transcript

Purchase a transcript through eTranscript Request

The eTranscript Request, which provides secure credit card purchasing from PayPal, is available Monday-Saturday 6am-5am, and Sunday 8am-12am. For technical questions about eTranscript Request, contact your campus Support Center. For other transcript questions, contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

  1. Current or recently enrolled students: Go to eTranscript Request (Recent Students).

    Former students: Go to eTranscript Request (Former Students). You do not need an IU account to access this application. You'll be asked a series of questions to verify your identity; answer the questions and then click Continue.

  2. Read the instructions, check I agree to the terms above, and then click Continue.

    If you have a hold on your record, you will see an alert. To continue, complete the steps in the "More Information" section.

  3. On the "Request" page, from the drop-down menu, select the transcript type.
  4. Select or enter the address to which you want the transcript sent, and choose your delivery option.
  5. If you would like your transcript signed and sealed, select Signed and sealed.
    All official transcripts have the registrar's signature and the university seal. When official transcripts are mailed by students, however, some agencies or institutions require each transcript to be placed in a separate envelope bearing the registrar's signature and the university seal. If you need this service, select Signed and sealed for each recipient.
  6. To add an additional recipient to your order, click add recipient.
  7. You may select an option from the "Special Instructions" area:
    • If you have any degrees "in review", you can specify that the transcript should only be released after the degree is awarded.
    • If you want the request held until a grade change occurs, you must select the institution and term as well as the class for which you are awaiting the change.
    • If you request that the transcript request be held until grades are awarded for a particular term, eTranscript Request will check to see if you were enrolled for the prior term or are currently enrolled, and verify that some of the grades have not yet been awarded. If all grades have been awarded or you were not enrolled in the prior term or currently enrolled, this option will not appear.
    • If any special instructions are selected, the transcript request will be held and evaluated daily until the necessary data is on the record. Then, the transcripts will be printed automatically at a predetermined time.
  8. Click continue to review your order. To make changes, click Edit Request.
  9. When you are satisfied with your order, click PayPal click here to pay to arrange payment. Enter your credit card information to pay as a guest, or use your existing PayPal account.
    • Even if your transcript request is being held, you will pay immediately. If there is a hold on your record when the transcript is ready to be printed, the Office of the Registrar will refund your credit card.
    • Your credit card information is stored and processed by PayPal. IU does not store credit card numbers.
  10. In PayPal, click Continue.

A "Processing" page will display, followed by a "Receipt" page with a confirmation number; eTranscript Request will send a receipt to your IU email address.

Once PayPal charges your credit card, if you have placed no holds on your order (for example, grade changed, degree awarded), the order will be processed and your transcript printed. If you do have holds, your card will be charged and the transcript held until they are satisfied.

If you have a hold on your account that prevents the release of transcripts, you must clear this or your order will be cancelled and your credit card refunded.

Review the status of your eTranscript orders

After you have completed a request, on the confirmation page, click Review Prior Orders. Alternatively, return to eTranscript Request (Former Students).

For questions about your orders, contact your campus Office of the Registrar. Refer to the "Order ID" or "Confirmation Number" from your receipt.

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