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Unofficial copy of your transcript

If you are no longer a student at Indiana University, first see Access former student bills, transcripts, and other university information.

An unofficial transcript, available to you for up to five years after you are no longer enrolled, shows information identical to your official transcript. You can view it at View Unofficial Transcript.

For detailed instructions on viewing your unofficial transcript, see:


At the end of the transcript, you will see the Student Program GPA summary. These statistics are calculated according to the rules of your current program (for example, whether courses may be repeated for credit). Certain courses may have a note indicating the course was repeated or an equivalent course was later completed. Courses with this note are excluded from the Student Program GPA calculation.

Official transcript

Using the eTranscript Request Service, current and former IU students can electronically request an official copy of their transcript.

If you have questions about previous orders, contact your campus Office of the Registrar and refer to the Order ID from your receipt.

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