HPC EveryWhere at IU

The HPC EveryWhere (HEW) portal provides users web-based access to high-performance computing (HPC) tools to help users launch and monitor applications running on Indiana University's research supercomputers.

The following HPC tools are accessible from the HEW portal:

  • Pathfinder: Use this to access the Supercomputing Pathfinder for help determining which IU research supercompter best suits the needs of your project and/or your level of HPC experience
  • MyHPC: Use this to monitor the status of your jobs queued and/or running on IU's supercomputers
  • Wait-time Visualizer: Use this to visualize available resources for help minimizing wait times for IU research supercomputer jobs
  • Script Generator: Use this form to generate a TORQUE batch job script that will run on an IU research supercomputer. Select the system, indicate your job's resource requirements (e.g., queue, wall time, nodes, cores per node, and virtual memory per node), search for and load required software modules, and enter additional details to automatically generate your custom job script in the "Preview" window.
  • Access Management: Use this to request an account on an IU supercomputer and manage your other IU computing accounts.
  • Globus Online: Set up access to your research data using Globus Online.
  • Status.IU: Access Status.IU to view the current status of UITS computing systems and services.

Under "HPC Resources", find updated status details on users, jobs, nodes, queue times, and core hours for each research supercomputer.

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