If you receive an "Access Denied" error when you attempt to join your new computer to the IU ADS domain

For the Indiana University ADS domain, all new computers are added in the default OU (organizational unit). All domain users have rights to create new computer accounts in this default OU. However, IU has a script that moves computers named with the syntax of "campus-department" from the default OU to the name-appropriate OU. An example of this naming syntax would be "bl-uits" for "Bloomington-University Information Technology Services (UITS)".

Once the computer is moved to the OU corresponding to the name, it will have restricted access, and only people who have been granted access to that OU or the original creator of the computer account will be able to join the computer to the domain.

If you receive the "Access Denied" error, try the original user account that joined the computer to the domain. If this does not work, contact your departmental IT Pro.

To learn the name of your department's IT Pro, consult your supervisor or your departmental website. If you still cannot identify your IT Pro, call the UITS Support Center at 812-855-6789 (Bloomington) or 317-274-4357 (Indianapolis).

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