ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I edit my site information if I've removed the Site Setup tool?

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see About the Oncourse retirement.
To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. If you're not sure what your role is, see the "Role" column in the Roster tool. For permissions, see ARCHIVED: What can I do in read-only Oncourse?

Even if you have removed the Site Setup tool, you can access all the features of Site Setup (e.g., editing site information or adding tools or participants) through Worksite Setup in My Workspace. To do this:

  1. From the menubar in My Workspace, click Worksite Setup.
  2. Check the box next to the site you wish to edit, and then click Edit.

    Note: Although you can check multiple boxes, you can only edit information about one site at a time.

  3. You can now modify site information as you can from Site Setup.

To add the Site Setup tool to the menubar of your site, see ARCHIVED: Adding, removing, hiding, or reordering tools.

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