ARCHIVED: Configure your email client to work with IU email systems if it isn't covered in the Knowledge Base

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Before you begin

Some lesser-known or lesser-used email clients will work with Indiana University accounts, but have not been documented in the IU Knowledge Base. While it is impossible for UITS to document every email program available, it is possible to provide general guidance for these cases.

This assumes you want to read your mail with email software rather than web access; but if you want to access your account through a web browser, see:

How to know if your email client will work

  • If your email client can make an IMAP connection, it will work. If your program can only do POP3, it will not work. Also, if it tries to use a standard other than IMAP exclusively, it will not work.
    The IU Exchange Online environment does not support IMAP. See Configure your mail client for Exchange Online.
  • Your program must be able to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). If you plan on downloading email and not sending it, your client can get by with SSL capabilities only for the incoming mail server. However, it's best if the settings for both incoming and outgoing mail support SSL.
  • Your client must be able to authenticate to the mail servers. Every existing mail client can authenticate to the incoming mail server, but not all can authenticate to the outgoing one. Again, if you wish only to receive and not send, you can get by with the ability to only authenticate to the incoming mail server. However, it is best if you can authenticate with both servers.

    A few mail programs may not have authentication settings for the outgoing mail server, but will give you a dialog box in which to enter your username and password.

Which email account to use

IU has two main email systems: Gmail at IU and Exchange. Every student is eligible for an account on Gmail at IU. Exchange accounts are used by IU faculty, staff, and some students. See ARCHIVED: Email systems at IU.

Configure your settings

Some mail programs have an Options or Settings menu, and others have a file which must be edited manually. Refer to your program's documentation to find where to enter or change these settings.

To configure an email client for your Gmail at IU account, see ARCHIVED: Configure an email client or mobile device for Gmail at IU.

You need the following information to connect to your IU Exchange email account:

  • Your IU username and passphrase
  • The incoming mail server (IMAP), sometimes called the post office server, mail server, incoming, receiving, etc. It is the server where your mail is delivered. Set this to .
  • The outgoing mail server (SMTP), also called outbound, sending, etc. Set this to
  • Enable the setting (if available) for SSL or TLS by checking a box or selecting it from a list.
  • Enable the setting (if available) for "authentication", "credentials", "username and password", or a similar option, for the outgoing (or SMTP) server.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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