Export exam grades to Canvas in DigitalDesk

DigitalDesk streamlines the review of results from paper Scantron forms for instructors at Indiana University Bloomington. For more, see About DigitalDesk at IU Bloomington.

To export exam grades from DigitalDesk to Canvas:

  1. Go to Scanning Results: Digital Desk.
  2. Log in with your IU username and passphrase. This requires Two-Step Login (Duo).

    You'll see the DigitalDesk "Instructor Tools" dashboard, which displays the status of exams processed the current day, as well as messages from the system administrator.

  3. On your DigitalDesk dashboard, in the top menu bar, click Reports.
  4. Select your exam from the drop-down menu. Select the appropriate semester, and then search for the instructor name, instructor ID, or exam ID.
  5. The exam will appear under the exams panel. Check the box corresponding to your exam.
  6. Under "Report Options", select Custom. Click Run next to either "Canvas Report" (for individual sections) or "Combined Canvas Report" (to combine data for multiple sections).

    Custom report options in DigitalDesk

  7. The Downloads tab will display the selected generated report. Click Downloads again.
  8. To download the CSV report file to your computer, click Download. Save the file appropriately (for example, to your desktop or your Documents folder).
  9. Use the downloaded file to import your grades into Canvas; see How do I upload changes to the Gradebook?

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