Change the path to user-written ado files in Stata

By default, Stata for Windows uses the c:\ado directory for user-written ado files. You can list Stata's system directories by executing the .sysdir command:

     STATA:  C:\Program Files\Stata11\
   UPDATES:  C:\Program Files\Stata11\ado\updates\
      BASE:  C:\Program Files\Stata11\ado\base\
      SITE:  C:\Program Files\Stata11\ado\site\
      PLUS:  c:\ado\plus\
  PERSONAL:  c:\ado\personal\
  OLDPLACE:  c:\ado\

If you need to change the default path, run the .sysdir set command. Suppose you store Long and Freese's SPost module in the e:\ado\plus directory of a memory stick or flash card. You would then need to run the following command:

.sysdir set PLUS "e:\ado\plus"
.sysdir set PERSONAL "e:\ado\plus"

Stata will then find user-written commands in the e:\ado\plus directory.

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