ARCHIVED: As an instructor, how do I use Turnitin in a course?

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Using most effectively requires some preparation and planning. Turnitin is least successful when used surreptitiously for monitoring students' work. Follow these guidelines:

  • Before the semester begins: Re-acquaint yourself with the sections of the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct on student academic misconduct and plagiarism.
  • Familiarize yourself with your department's plagiarism policy: Determine beforehand what you will do if you suspect a student of plagiarism. Know how your department handles plagiarism and what directions or guidelines you may need to follow.
  • Learn how to use Turnitin: A Turnitin workshop or individual consultation at the Teaching & Learning Technologies Centers (TLTC) takes about 60 minutes; contact TLTC at 812-855-7829 or
  • Test the tool: Test materials from your discipline; see how Turnitin handles sample work from classes, a paragraph of yours, or text from a common web resource.
  • Incorporate it into your syllabus: If Turnitin is included in your point structure or assignment parameters, using it will become part of the routine of submitting written work. Determine policies about late submissions, and include these in the syllabus as well (e.g., a paper handed in during class but not uploaded to Turnitin may be considered late).
  • Obtain orientation training for your students: At Indiana University Bloomington, TLTC staff can conduct a 15-minute student orientation in your classroom or in a computer lab, if available. To make arrangements, contact TLTC staff at 812-855-7829 or
  • Download student directions for Turnitin access and registration: Students will need directions on how to register with Turnitin and submit assignments. TLTC provides copyright-free instructions that you can link to from a course web site or make into a handout for print distribution.
  • Submitting work: Decide whether you will submit student work or whether students will submit their own.

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