How faculty can request ArcGIS software for students at IU

The Esri Software Promotion for students taking a GIS course (or a course that incorporates GIS work) allows Indiana University faculty on all campuses to request ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced software for a class and obtain one copy per student. IU is eligible for this program through the Esri Site License and Maintenance Agreement. Faculty must request software for students directly from Esri, as UITS does not provide ArcGIS licenses to students taking GIS courses with an IU faculty member. UITS does provide student licenses to graduate students or special project students not enrolled in a GIS course.

To request the software, faculty can visit Esri Software Promotion for GIS students.

For Esri to verify eligibility, the free software must be shipped to a faculty member at a valid campus address where an Esri educational-use site license exists. To avoid confusion and ensure prompt software shipment, UITS suggests that faculty list "Indiana University" as the university name without designating the campus location (for example, do not use "Indiana University South Bend" as the university name). The campus location should not matter, as IU's Esri site license includes all campuses within the IU system. However, faculty have reported to UITS that Esri Software Promotion representatives may confuse the different campuses as different universities.

When faculty use the Esri Software Promotion for students, no data or direct technical support is provided to individual students from Esri. Faculty must provide students with access to technical support relating to their courses. Also, campus bookstores may not distribute this software.

For information on how students, faculty, staff, and departments can purchase ArcGIS software, see ArcGIS availability at IU.

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