ARCHIVED: Managing your IU affiliate accounts

Getting your initial IU affiliate accounts

Individuals not associated with Indiana University may still be eligible for technology accounts as IU affiliates. Affiliate accounts must be sponsored by an IU faculty or staff member. For more information, see How to sponsor a computing account for an IU affiliate.

To request an affiliate account, faculty and staff members should follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the Account Management Service.
  2. Select Manage my IU computing accounts.
  3. If prompted to log into the Central Authentication Service, enter your Network ID credentials. If not, skip to the next step.
  4. Click manage affiliates, and then click request to add IU affiliate.
  5. Enter the requested information about you and about the affiliate.
  6. Click Request Affiliate.

If you have already been sponsored as an affiliate, you can create your first IU computing accounts by using the Account Management Service (AMS). You will need to use your last name, your birth date, and your full 10-digit University ID number (UID) to log into the service.

Your initial affiliate accounts will usually include a Network ID account, which allows you to create and manage other technology accounts as well as log into certain university services; an ADS domain account, which allows you to authenticate to university resources; and an email account on the Cyrus or the Exchange mail systems.

To create your initial IU affiliate accounts:

Note: You will need to know your 10-digit University ID number to create your initial accounts.

  1. Go to the Account Management Service.
  2. Click Create my first IU computing accounts.
  3. Enter your last name, date of birth, and University ID number in the fields provided. Click Continue.
  4. The AMS will display the Guidelines for Appropriate Usage, which are rules and policies for IT account use at IU. After you have read the Guidelines, enter Yes to agree to these policies, and then click Continue.
  5. If you have multiple roles at IU (e.g., if you are both a student and a staff member), you will have to select one role to be your primary affiliation at IU. Select the role you want, and then click Continue.
  6. From the available options, select where you want to receive your IU email. Faculty and staff should choose Create Microsoft Exchange account; undergraduates should choose to create a Umail account (Google). Graduate and professional students are eligible for both Exchange and Umail; you can only create one account during initial creation, but may choose to create an additional account later.

    Click Continue.

  7. Enter the passphrase you want to use in both fields. For information on selecting a valid and secure passphrase, see About your IU passphrase.
  8. Next, you will enroll in the Passphrase Self-Service Reset System. If you forget your passphrase, this system will allow you to reset it yourself without having to visit a Support Center walk-in location in person.

    Either select a question from the drop-down list, or enter your own question. Type and re-type the correct answer in the fields provided. Click Continue to enter further questions, to a maximum of ten.

    Once you have entered at least three questions and answers, you will have the option of clicking Done to complete your enrollment.

  9. Click Print page if you want to print a copy of your account information. To end your AMS session and close your browser, click Exit.

Getting additional IU affiliate accounts

Other IU accounts available to affiliates include accounts on certain Unix clusters. For more information, see What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom?

To create additional IU affiliate accounts:

Note: Only full-time faculty or staff members can request group and departmental accounts.

  1. Using a web browser, go to the Indiana University Account Management Service at:
  2. Select Manage my IU computing accounts.
  3. If you're redirected to the Central Authentication Service page, enter your IU username and passphrase, and then click Login. (If you're creating accounts for your group, departmental, or student organization account, enter the username and passphrase associated with that account.)

    Otherwise, skip to the next step.

  4. On the left, under "Select a service", click create more accounts.
  5. Under "Select an account to request", you'll see a list of accounts for which you are eligible. Use the corresponding radio button to select the account you want, and then click Create Account.

    Note: You can select only one account at a time, but you can create more than one account during your session (see steps 7 and 8).

  6. The request process for some computing systems will require you to enter additional information. If prompted to read, acknowledge, or provide additional information, follow the on-screen instructions, fill out all required fields, and then click Submit.

    Note: For example, if you're eligible for a Big Red II account, you will need to supply additional information, including an acknowledgment that you understand your responsibilities regarding the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI), and your agreement to cite your use of the system in any published papers.

  7. After you've submitted your account request, you'll be redirected to a page listing your active computing accounts and the status for each. When "Current Status" has changed to Created, the corresponding account is ready for use.

    Note: Depending on the system, you may receive an email notification when your account is created. This message may also include important usage information, such as instructions for accessing the system, regularly scheduled maintenance windows, and links to support resources.

  8. To create another account, on the left, under "Select a service", click create more accounts again, and then return to step 4.

    Otherwise, to end your session, close your browser.

Changing your IU affiliate account passphrase

To change your IU affiliate passphrase:

  1. Close all applications other than your Internet browser, and log out of any phones that function as clients for UniCom.

    In your browser, if you're using the Account Management Service, in the left column, click change current passphrase. Otherwise, go to the Passphrase Maintenance page at: 
  2. In the first field, enter your Network ID username; if you want to change the passphrase to a group or departmental account, enter the username of that account instead.
  3. In the next field, enter the Network ID passphrase.
  4. In the last two fields, enter the passphrase you want the account to have. All accounts associated with the Network ID will be set to this new passphrase.

    For information on selecting a valid and secure passphrase, see About your IU passphrase.

  5. Click Change Passphrase.

Resetting your IU affiliate account passphrase

If you have forgotten your passphrase, you can have it reset and thereby get continued access to your IU technology accounts. Affiliates have two options to have their passphrases reset:

  • In person: Take a photo ID to one of the UITS Support Center walk-in offices. You will need to know your Social Security number or your University ID number. Once a consultant has confirmed your identity, allow 20 minutes for your passphrase change to process.

    For more about walk-in support, see How do I contact each campus Support Center for IT help?

  • By mail: If you cannot visit the Support Center, you may obtain a Passphrase Change Form at:

    Print this form, fill it out, and either mail it to the address indicated on the form or fax it to 812-855-0354, attention VALID. A new passphrase will be generated and mailed to you in approximately one week.

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