ARCHIVED: What is Firefox, and where can I get it?

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Developed by Mozilla, Firefox is a free, open-source web browser for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You can download the latest version from the Firefox web page. For Indiana University students, faculty, and staff, Firefox is also available from IUware.

By default, Firefox is configured to automatically notify you of updates that become available. If you're prompted to update, click OK, and the newest version will be downloaded and installed (you'll then need to restart your computer). Alternatively, to manually find updates for Firefox:

  • In Firefox 4, from the Help menu, choose About Firefox.
  • In Firefox 3, click Help from within Firefox, and then choose Check for Updates....

Firefox also supports the creation of extensions, small add-ons that extend the functionality of the browser. Examples include Forecastfox, which puts local weather information in the browser's status bar, and NoScript, which blocks potentially harmful content from executing when you load web pages. For more extensions and other add-ons, see Mozilla's Add-ons for Firefox.

For more about Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation, visit Mozilla's home page.

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