In ArcGIS Desktop, how do I change the product level?

To change the ArcGIS Desktop product level:

  1. Log into the computer with an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Close all open ArcGIS Desktop applications (ArcMap or ArcCatalog).
  3. From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs, then ArcGIS, and then ArcGIS Administrator.
  4. In the left table of contents of the ArcGIS Administrator utility, click the Desktop folder.
  5. In the right side of the ArcGIS Administrator utility, select the desired product level, and then click OK.
    Select Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent or Single Useonly if you have purchased an ArcGIS Advanced license through UITS. Select Basic (ArcView) Concurrent or Single Use only if you have purchased an ArcGIS Basic license through UITS. UITS does not sell Standard (ArcEditor) licenses.

For more, see What ArcGIS for Desktop license level do I need?

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