ARCHIVED: What changes have been introduced with Windows Server 2003 R2?

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On July 15, 2015, Microsoft will end support of Windows Server 2003. Departments should upgrade, retire, or move their 2003 servers to an up-to-date OS in the Intelligent Infrastructure environment.

Windows Server 2003 R2 introduces new updates to existing features of Windows Server 2003. The changes include:

  • Advanced compression technology (Remote Differential Compression): Can be used in conjunction with Distributed File System replication (DFS); it replicates only changes to files, rather than the complete files.
  • Updated management tools: Microsoft Management Console version 2.1 has introduced a new Print Management Console for managing network printers, and an updated DFS interface.
  • File Server Resource Manager: Allows enhanced quota management, file screening to restrict non-business related files, and enhanced storage reporting.
  • Modified licensing scheme for Virtual Servers
  • Enhanced Unix interoperability
  • Enhanced IIS 6.0 features: Integrated SharePoint Services, full integration of .Net Framework 2.0, and enhanced security of IIS 6.0 with the Security Configuration Wizard.

For more, see Microsoft's What's New in Windows Server 2003 R2.

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