Check storage space on your SDA account

To check how much storage space you are using in your Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) account at Indiana University, use HSI from your account on one of the research computing systems; for help with HSI, see At IU, how do I use HSI to access my SDA account?

At the HSI command prompt ( ? ), enter:

  du -ka

In your terminal window, you'll see HSI quickly list every file in all your SDA directories; this may take a few minutes to complete if you're storing a large number of files. When the command exits, you'll see the total number of files in your account and the amount of used storage space (in bytes and 1,024-byte blocks), and be returned to the HSI command prompt.

To see the totals for a particular directory, at the HSI command prompt, use cd to move to that directory, and then enter the du -ka command.

If you need help or have questions, email the Research Storage team.

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