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This information does not apply to printing in the IUB Student Technology Centers (STCs), which use Ricoh printers. The plotters in the Learning Commons at IUB use print release stations, as do some departments.

IU Print allows you to print to global black-and-white and color print queues from your personal laptop or desktop computer, from workstations in STCs, and from other campus locations. Once your print job is added to one of the print queues, you can go to any of several on-campus locations equipped with a printer, log into a print release station, release your print job from the queue, and collect your output from the printer.

Each print release station is a computer workstation dedicated to releasing queued print jobs to a particular printer. Because every print release station on campus has access to the IU Print queues, you can print from any internet-connected computer, including from off campus with a VPN connection, and then collect your output at whichever location is most convenient for you. You also can send output from one STC location, and release and collect it in another.

After adding your print job to one of the print queues, you have up to two hours at IUB and up to four hours at other campuses to log into a print release station on campus and release your print job to the associated printer.

Other benefits of print release stations include:

  • Less waste: If you accidentally send multiple jobs to the print queue, you can release one of them and cancel the other.
  • Greater security: Only you can release your print jobs. When you log into a print release station, you see only the print jobs that belong to you. Also, because you're present when your job prints, others are less likely to accidently pick up your output.
  • Fewer bad prints: You can avoid releasing your output to a malfunctioning printer.
  • Fewer erroneous printing charges: Your printing allotment isn't charged until your output is printed.
  • No surprises: You can see how many print credits your output will cost before you release it.
  • Convenience: Send output from anywhere.


If your computer is off campus, first establish a VPN connection.

To send output to a print release station:

  1. Preview your document to make sure it's ready to be printed, and follow the normal steps to select to print it.
  2. In the print window, select either BW1 (for B&W printing) or Color1 (for color printing). All student print queues are listed in the format [campuscode]_[buildingcode]_queuetype].
  3. Go to the print release station for the printer you wish to use, and then log in with your University account.
  4. Select one or more of your print jobs from the list, and then, at the bottom of the screen, click Print.
  5. Log out of the print release station and collect your output from the printer.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

If you have questions about the IU Print service or the print release stations on campus, email the IU Print team.

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