ARCHIVED: How do I import Internet Explorer Favorites into Firefox?

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Importing from Internet Explorer on the same computer as Firefox

When you open Firefox for the first time, a wizard will ask if you want to import Favorites from another browser on your computer. If Firefox does not give you this prompt, you can access this wizard by going to the File menu and choosing Import. Follow the steps in the wizard to import your Favorites.

Importing Internet Explorer Favorites from a different computer

To import Favorites from an Internet Explorer Favorites folder on a different computer:

  1. On the computer with the Internet Explorer Favorites you want, follow the export instructions in ARCHIVED: In Internet Explorer, how do I import or export favorites? Then copy them to the computer you want to transfer them to. You can do this by transferring through email, using a shared network folder or computer (such as your ARCHIVED: Oncourse file storage space or RFS), or saving to removable media.
  2. On the destination computer, launch Firefox.
  3. From the Bookmarks menu, select Manage Bookmarks.
  4. In the Bookmarks Manager window that opens, from the File menu, select Import....
  5. Under "Import Bookmarks from:", select From File. Click Next.
  6. Browse to the location where you saved the Favorites you copied over and select that file; unless you changed it, it will be named bookmark.htm. Click Open.
  7. Your Favorites will now be imported into Firefox. Close the Bookmarks Manager.

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